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Why Solicitors Advise The Use of Family Law Mediation

Those solicitors who operate in the field of family law understand that they are present to represent the interests of their client.

Following the event of a separation, they recognise that their rights have to be upheld and they have two distinct courses of action to reach an outcome.

The first can be identified through litigation and filing for terms through the court system.

Although this might result in the type of binding terms that they are after, there is every possibility that the judge will opt for a different resolution or place restrictions and stipulations on top of the agreement.

This is why solicitors will commonly advise for family law mediation, giving community members a chance to enjoy the benefits of a more conciliatory approach.

Less Animosity Involved

While animosity is never desired with a legal separation, it is often exacerbated for those who decide to fight the matter through the court system. Family law mediation services bring both parties to the table in good faith where they are encouraged to open a dialogue and talk without fear of favor or repercussions. That space helps to reduce the tension, the stress, the anger and the animosity between each side of the aisle.

Flexible Timing for Mediation

Thankfully family law mediation is a voluntary process that enables individuals to come to the table in their own time. If both parties wish to finish and expedite the matter to move on with their lives, that can be achieved. The same can be said for former couples who want to take their time and reach a set of terms that work for the short and the long-term. By venturing through the court system, the scheduling of hearing dates is set in stone with little to no recourse to maneuver.

Fewer Costs Involved

Opting for litigation is a costly exercise. Unless there is genuine confidence that this action will result in a significant financial dividend for that party, the fees involved with hearings in front of a judge makes this a risky maneuver from that standpoint. Fortunately, family law mediation services is on hand to offer a safe environment without many of the extra costs involved for finding a solution and signing onto an agreement.

Creative Solutions Available

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One of the attractive features of venturing down this path is being able to reach a consensus that is free from the legal provisions and stipulations enforced by the courts. From child custody rights to the handing over of property ownership and the involvement of financial assets and items with sentimental value, an open bargain can be made where one side offers concessions to the other and vice versa. No one else has to intervene if both sides agree to the matter.

Opportunity to Walk Away

It must be stated that participation with family law mediation is not legally binding until an official legal document has been signed and certified. While a majority will see the process through, there are others who exercise their right to opt for the courts if they believe that a resolution cannot be found in this environment. It is a seldom occurrence, but it does help to encourage participation for those who might otherwise be skeptical.

Participants Hold The Power

Men and women who utilize family law mediation services can have some frustrations about the process on the margins, but ultimately this is an environment where they take ownership of the outcome. There is no judge handing down a ruling. It is only them, their former spouse, an independent arbiter, and perhaps the inclusion of a solicitor or two if both parties agree to their involvement. The rest is left up to them as they leverage the space afforded to them through family law mediation.