What is Roll Of Honour

Roll Of Honour is your considerate guide and a digital destination for sustainable health and wellness with Scandinavia‚Äôs leading teachers, instructors and experts. We build the foundation to working out, practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis and we want to inspire you on your journey to better health and life balance. We’re also your source to amazing trips, the best trainings, interesting courses, yoga wear and mats, equipment, accessories and everything you may need in your daily life 365 days a year – wherever and whenever you want it.

Along these lines, we strive as a community to contribute and create sustainable change in society. We do this through our online services and different events and activities, to encourage sustainable health and life balance. As social entrepreneurs, we plant a seed in this direction with Roll Of Honour.

Why Roll Of Honour is here

The essence of Roll Of Honour is to fill the need for what we offer. A need in the individual and the wider society. Whether you’re looking for a forum to share knowledge and experience when you want to strengthen, maintain or rehabilitate yourself and your mind-body-soul balance. Or to feel safe in a harbor where you can interact on your own terms depending on where you are in life at this very moment. Roll Of Honour is here for you.

Aspects such as time, economy, environment, family situation or mental, physical or spiritual health is affecting us in any given moment in our lives. It is important for each individual to have unconditional support and the right tools available in order to achieve harmony in life. Support and tools for health care, wellness, diet, development, reflection and love.