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What Should You Do When Visiting A Divorce Lawyer?

Separation can be extremely difficult and navigating the law surrounding it can be extremely complicated which is why it’s important to go for the experienced divorce lawyers in your corner. A divorce lawyer can provide the detailed advice you need to ensure that things go smoothly and that your interests are properly protected. Getting good advice can ensure that you reach the best outcome with your ex-partner. So if you’ve just separated what should you do?

What to do after a separation

There are a few things you should keep in mind immediately after a separation and before you set a meeting with experienced divorce lawyers.

Avoid large withdrawals

Large withdrawals could work against you if you end up in court, avoid withdrawing any amount from your separate or joint account that aren’t necessary for your normal day-to-day life.

Get in contact with your bank

Get in contact with you bank to ensure that they put a block on any large withdrawals from joint accounts on behalf of your partner

Keep a relationship diary

It’s a good idea to note down any relevant dates, details and information related to your relationships including information about your living arrangements and employment history as this will be information that your divorce lawyer requests.

Keep a record of parenting arrangements

It’s a good idea to keep a detailed record of your parenting arrangements both before and after your relationships breakdown. The court will want to preserve as much stability for your children as possible and will make decisions about custody arrangements based on what is in the best interests of your children.

Make lists of your finances

It’s a good idea to list out the details of your finances between you and your partner. That will include listing all your assets and writing down the details of any shares, companies or trusts owned by you and your partner. It will also involve listing out your daily finances.

Change your passwords

It’s a good idea to change all the passwords on your bank accounts, email accounts, social media and phone when your relationship breaking down.

Make copies of important documents

Your divorce lawyer will need to see copies of important documentation including birth and marriage certificates and documents like tax returns, pay slip and bank statements.

Save important sentimental items

Make sure you make copies of any personal files on your computer to protect them and get access to anything that holds important or sentimental value to you.

Get support

It’s a good idea to get emotional support from friends, family or a professional counsellor after the end of the marriage as this can help you to process your feelings about it.

Visiting your divorce lawyer for the first time

divorce lawyer assisting a couple on their separation

When visiting a legal professional after the breakdown of a marriage it’s a good idea to ensure that you feel comfortable with them. The breakdown of a marriage can be one of the most difficult things you ever deal with so it’s important to find someone that you feel you can trust and speak openly with.

It’s very important that you keep all your correspondence with your legal representative private so change any passwords or pin codes to your email and phone to avoid allowing them to read your communications. It’s also important to make sure that you come to your meeting well-prepared which means bringing along all the relevant information and documents that your divorce lawyer needs – speak to them beforehand to find out what they require. It’s also a good idea to come along to appointments with a notebook so you can keep track of anything you talk about.