How to Maintain a Weed-Free Lawn

It is not surprising to have weeds in our lawns and gardens; some of which are thorny and can cause harm when touched. However, it is these weeds that make the maintenance of the lawn or sidewalk interesting. Most homeowners dedicate their free time in weeding and trimming their lawns to ensure that it retains its natural look. We all know that weeds are harmful to plants because the former takes away nutrients essential for the growth of the latter. Well, if you are battling weeds in your lawn, here are a few tips that will help you:
First, you need to take care of weeds the moment you notice them since they tend to spread very fast. Some homeowners opt not to use chemical killers because they are harmful to the soil as well as people and pets who may walk around the garden. Thus, the best way of removing weeds is using natural methods. For starters, there is no harm in uprooting the weeds especially when the earth is wet. However, ensure that you are wearing garden gloves. Uprooting the weed ensures that it does not grow again at that spot.

This may come as a surprise but hot salty water is also effective in dealing with weeds because it dehydrates them. Moreover, hot water tends to inhibit the growth of plants. Therefore, after spilling hot water on the troublesome weeds, you will notice the change in a couple of days. However, it is necessary to apply this method with caution because it may kill your plants as well.

Finally, wet newspapers can come in handy when dealing with weeds. All you have to do is place them on top of the weeds then add a stone or compost on top. With time, the weeds will suffocate and die.
Therefore, before going for the chemical sprays, consider these options first.