4 Top Tips for Choosing a Sydney Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a Sydney criminal lawyer can be a stressful task, especially as it is something many of us hope to avoid. Furthermore, with so many options in the city, it can be incredibly hard to know where to start when it comes to selecting someone. So what factors do you actually need to consider before choosing one among the best Sydney criminal lawyers? If you have found yourself in this situation, pondering the answer to that question, keep reading. Here are 4 top tips for choosing a Sydney criminal lawyer.


Tip 1: Budget

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a Sydney criminal lawyer is your budget. Before beginning your search, consider how much you can afford to pay an attorney; once you have done this you can start looking for a legal professional that is within this set price limit. Legal professionals can be expensive, but what many people don’t know is that everyone has the right to legal aid within Australia. As a result of this, especially in a city as populated as the CBD, there are attorneys to suit whatever you can afford. Many people make the mistake of hiring a very expensive solicitor, believing that this will result in better legal aid, but this is not always true. Regardless of your budget, there will be a suitable, well trained and experienced law expert to help you. It is also essential to be upfront and discuss the financial aspects with your legal practitioner, so you don’t end up signing a contract without fully understanding the costs. If you stick to your budget, and are aware of all the financial stipulations, you will be sure not to go broke throughout your case.


Tip 2: Trust

This is something that many people fail to think about when they are looking for a Sydney criminal lawyer, but it is actually essential. You need to ensure that whatever legal practitioner you hire; you trust them completely. When you are discussing your case with any attorney, you will be sharing intimate, and often private information with them, you need to feel confident and secure telling them these details. Nothing harms a legal case more than a lack of trust between attorney and client, so you need to be prepared to tell them all the information they need to know. Oftentimes, clients feel concerned about sharing intimate details for the fear of being judged, however the aim of any legal professional is not to judge their clients. The only goal in regards to legal practitioners asking for information is so they can construct the best argument and win the case for their client. Trust is not something to be forgotten about when you choose a Sydney criminal lawyer; if you want to win, you need to find a legal professional you can rely on.



Tip 3: Communication

As with any relationship, professional or personal, communication is key. Without effective communication, messages can often get lost in translation; this is not something you can afford in a legal situation. So, in order to prevent any issues, you need to ensure that whichever Sydney criminal lawyer you hire has an open line of communication with you. There are a few factors you need to remember when it comes to communication. First of all, any form of language barrier will certainly harm your case. To prevent this, find a legal professional who you can understand, and who understands you; if English is not your first language and you struggle, consider finding a legal expert who speaks your mother tongue, or potentially finding an interpreter. Another important aspect is to find out if you will be able to directly call your attorney at any time, or if you will have to go through a paralegal. Paralegals can be incredibly helpful, but when it comes to discussing private matters with your legal professional, things can get complicated if you feel as though you are playing Chinese whispers. So before hiring any solicitor, make sure that you will be in direct communication with them and not their support staff.


Tip 4: Dedication

Many Sydney criminal lawyers are working on several different cases at once, which is completely fine. However, you do not want to opt for a legal professional who doesn’t have the time to work your case. Although hiring an in demand attorney is great, as it means they are good at their job, you don’t want to be at the bottom of their priority list. So before entering a contract with any legal practitioner, you need to first feel sure that they have the time to put into your case. Any trial will suffer if the correct amount of energy is not put into it. So don’t let this be yours. Make sure that whoever you choose is dedicated to helping you.